Kyle van Oosterum

DPhil in Philosophy @ University of Oxford

Hi! I'm a DPhil in Philosophy candidate at the University of Oxford and a member of the Institute for Ethics in AI.

Broadly, I'm interested in moral philosophy, political philosophy and social epistemology. More specifically, the research areas I like to work on are the following:

  • Paternalism: its theory, practice and application.

  • The Epistemology of Conspiracy Theories and Echo Chambers

  • Liberalism and Perfectionism

  • Consent and biomedical ethics.

  • Contractualism and Interpersonal Aggregation.

For my DPhil, I will be working on political philosophy as a guide to understanding and tackling the problems posed by echo chambers. My thesis supervisor is Professor John Tasioulas.

Prior to Oxford, I did an MPhil in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge and an MA in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews (see CV & Research).

As of 2022, I'm also the co-host (with Lewis Williams) of the Philosopher's Nest. Together we interview philosophy PhD students and ask them about their work, experiences and insights into the (weird) world of academic philosophy.

A pretentious 'philosophical' picture of me.

Get in touch: kyle.vanoosterum[@]